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Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed #1) - Rachel Higginson

So once I started reading the Prologue I knew I had started this book before and I could remember up to a certain point so I must have started and stopped this book at some point. I probably stopped because the MC is kind of annoying and the over description of every person we run into is kind of driving me batty. I'm still going to continue reading but I don't know if I will last till the end.

5/5 Stars to Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I absolutely adored this book!!


Fangirl is filled with adorable, cutesy moments but also holds depth and meaning. The relationships that fill this book are complicated and deep but also full of love and emotion. I seriously loved almost ALL of the characters, I loved their interactions and banter, I could feel everything Cath was going through and felt like I was going through it with her.


Following Cath on her journey to find herself, independently from her sister Wren, was at times heartbreaking. She's kind of thrown into the situation by force and at times has a hard time staying afloat. Cath felt very real to me; her struggles, her anxieties, her fear of change..it all spoke to me. I felt like I was living through her. To me it's an amazing book when I can relate to a character so well that I feel like they are a part of me.


Fangirl is beautifully written and when the end comes around you feel completed, even if you are sad that it's over. This has easily become one of my favorites of all time.

Everneath - Brodi Ashton

I loved this book! I put off reading it for so long and I'm super mad at myself for it! 

At first I was completely confused thinking surely there was a book before this one but no the story just starts off after a century in the Everneath which turns out to be six months on the surface (Earth). Needless to say there is some catching up that has to take place and while that can be a slow process in this case it wasn't. I was instantly hooked from chapter one and couldn't stop until the end and now I'm counting down the days till the next installment shows up on my doorstep. Nikki is such a strong and selfless main character, I was dying for her to tell Jack EVERYTHING. While I normally don't like love triangles this one wasn't too bad because I could sense the substance between Jack and Nikki whereas with Cole it was obvious he's a slimeball who's suffering from puppy love. Team Jack all the way!! 

This was a super fast, suck you in, can't catch your breath read. I'm super anxious to start the next book!! Why couldn't I have predicted my love for this book and just buy the whole series?!

The Here and Now - Ann Brashares

I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Ok, so this book!? Wow! The whole thing seemed so realistic (okay obviously time travel doesn't seem realistic but maybe someday?). The way the world fell apart seems very similar to the road we are heading down so that really upped my anxiety level. 

Aside from that The Here and Now was a quick paced, suspenseful read. It starts of with a prologue from the POV of Ethan but the rest of the book is told from Prenna's view. I've heard some describe the romance to be a touch of instalove but I felt like it wasn't. The characters have had a couple of years to grow together that we don't witness so I feel like the relationship developed slowly but came to a head while we were reading. I really loved the relationship between Ethan and Prenna, I liked that they didn't rely on each other to do anything but that together they seemed to be stronger. There wasn't a whole lot of secondary character development but I'm okay with that because in my opinion the story didn't require it. While some of the story reads like any other dystopia-ish book (people in charge aren't necessarily looking out for the good of everyone) it still had its way of keeping me fully committed and interested. 

The ending killed me! I read somewhere that this is a stand alone and I'm really hoping that isn't the case! Because while I loved the book the ending has left me feeling empty and needing more answers!

Nil - Lynne Matson

Oh my goodness!! This book!!! What a ride! The suspense, the mystery, the romance...I just couldn't get enough. From the get go you are caught up in the question "What is NIL?" and you feel like you're in a whirlwind until the very end. The writing was very well done, I could feel the sun on my skin through the author's descriptions and the characters brought the book to life. I became invested in their outcomes and found myself cheering them on. If I am disappointed at all it is because I'm left wondering what happens to the rest of the cast but since this is mainly Charley and Thad's story I knew to expect an open/closed ending. The story is told from both the POV's of Thad and Charley but it was soo well done that I actually enjoyed them, which is a big thing for me to say!! What I'm trying to say is mark your calendars for the release date and make sure you pick up NIL, you won't regret it!!

The Deep End of the Sea - Heather Lyons

So I totally have a thing for Greek mythology but I really know nothing about it so any chance I get to read a book on it I snatch it up. 


The Deep End of the Sea is told from the POV of Medusa.  I know enough about the story of Medusa to know that this version of her story was a different take on it and I loved it.  I loved the idea of her not really being the monster everyone claimed her to be.  I especially loved her friendship/relationship with Hermes, he definitely became Medusa's knight in shining armor (as much as I love a girl who can kick ass I also love when a handsome man swoops in to save the day). The main group of characters that Medusa interacts with are fantastic and I really felt their love for each other.  It's the type of family group you want to be a part of.


Throughout the book I had constant feels ranging from sympathy to anger to giddyness.  And when I put the book down it was with a contented goofy grin.  It was excellently paced but there were a few grammar issues and for some reason my Nook edition had underlined text throughout the entire book but it wasn't bad enough to turn me off of it.  All in all I highly recommend it!

The Deep End of the Sea - Heather Lyons

I have been in such a reading slump lately, which makes me unbelievably sad, but I think I'm about to bust out of it and it's all due to this book which so far has been absolutely amazing, I can't get enough of it!!

Review - 3 Stars

Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris

The concept behind this book is impressive and has all sorts of potential to be amazing, unfortunately I feel it didn't reach that potential...at all. I also feel like the characters could use some more development. The relationship between Janelle and Ben confuses me. I can understand Bens affection, I mean he's been loving Janelle from afar for years but Janelle definitely has some insta love worship going on.

So why did I give it 3 stars instead of two? Because it was still a fun and intense read. Even with its faults I still plan on reading the next book, who knows maybe it will be way better!

Review - 3.5 Stars

Storm Warning (Broken Heartland) - 'Caisey Quinn',  'Elizabeth Lee'

Ok so this book was the type of book where it has rave reviews and you think "This is going to be awesome!"  Then you start reading it and you're thinking "It's good but I don't get why people are obsessed with it."  Then you get to the last few chapters and are like "Hot damn I can't handle the suspense" but when you get to the last chapter you're all "Holy hell of cliffhangers" but wait the author gives you an epilogue, so of course you read it in hopes of answers but end up thinking "WTF, THAT was NOT an epilogue, it did NOTHING for my feels"  You walk away from the book feeling like it's a 4 when in reality the majority of the book ranked a 3 but the ending blew your mind and your hooked and will HAVE to read the next book to know what happens.


The writing was well done and the characters were decently developed.  The story is told from each person's view points and I found that my favorite characters were EJ, Hayden, and Coop. I'm torn between whose team I want to be on.  I really love Coop because he's the type of guy I find yummy but Hayden has some redeeming points too.  But back on point, since I preferred certain people I found myself skimming through Kyle and Cami's story, it seemed like most of the exciting stuff was happening with EJ so that could be why she's my favorite. 


It's mostly your run of the mill contemporary YA romance but the ending really took my breath away.  It was a quick read (I read it at work and had it finished by the end of my 8 hour day) and a fun one.

5 Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

I feel like whatever I say to review this book will not be good enough.  I feel the message that is conveyed is different for each person who reads it but no matter the message it's always an important one.  This book was amazing, and ugly, and beautiful.  It brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh.  It is an amazing book, one that I think everyone should read no matter what type of book you like. Just read it and let it change you.

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Review - 4 Stars

In the Shadow of Blackbirds - Cat Winters

This was an amazing read.  I must be truthful and say that I knew nothing about the era this book is written during but find myself totally interested in learning more about it now. 


Cat Winters did an excellent job in making the characters and community feel real.  I could really sense the feelings of suspicion and the sheer terror of death lurking around every corner.  Due to the war and the spanish influenza people trust no one yet put all their faith into "spirit advisors and photographers".  It's just crazy to think about wearing masks all the time, eating and bathing in onions in hopes of warding off the flu, and to think that part isn't fiction, it really happened.  The pictures that were added to the book really gave me a glimpse into what everything looked like, made it feel all that more real.  It really added a spooky element to the story.


The story is an intense ride that follows the MC along as she tries to help her lover boy come to terms with a horrible truth.  I was dying in suspense wondering what was really going on and hoping beyond hope that it would end happily.


In the Shadow of Blackbirds was a different read than what I'm used to but I'm happy to say that I loved it.

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My Life Next Door Review - 5 Stars

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick

I loved this book so,so,SO much! When I wasn't giggling like a maniac, I was swooning like a schoolgirl, and when I wasn't swooning I was dying of suspense. There was so much emotion and I grew so attached to the characters that I was seriously sad to read the ending, just because it meant the book was over.

I really wish the Garretts were a real life family and I wish I was a part of them. Being raised as the only kid in the house I grew up wondering what it would be like to have siblings and to be close withh them. The Garretts are how I imagine it would be like.

I had serious hate going for Samantha's mom and was easy to see why Sam would watch her neighbors and imagine what it would be like to be a part of them. Sam does a lot of growing in this book and by the end she seems like a completely new person.

Jace is the swoony boy next door. He is such an amazing guy, responsible, mature, looks out for his family... he's just AMAZING. He really helps Sam realize that she has a voice for herself. I hated that she hid her relationship with Sam for so long though. Their relationship is the beat kind...built on a foundation and taken slowly but yet at a decent enough pace for a summer romance. I couldn't get enough of their interactions.

The only thing I hope for now is maybe a companion book. I would love to know what happens with Nan, Tim, and the rest of the Garretts.

An excellent read that I will definitely be reading again...over and over!

Dare You To Review - 4 Stars

Dare You To - Katie McGarry

It took me FOREVER to read this book!! Life kept interrupting me!  But once I was able to sit down and get into the story I could not put the book down.  So many feels!


The story is told from the POVs of Beth and Ryan but it was very well done and I had absolutely no problem connecting with both of them (which is usually my big issue with multiple POVs).


They each have their own issues and neither of their families are perfect, the difference is that everyone thinks Ryan's family is perfect.  There are some intense situations brought up and I don't mean sexual tension (although there is that too). 


Beth's family is messed up.  Tangled up in drugs and abusive boyfriends Beth's mom is anything but motherly.  Beth's past has really made her tough and scared to trust, lucky for her Ryan comes along.  Ryan on the other hand is dealing with a family that is falling apart right before his eyes after his brother Mark let them know who he really is.  Ryan's main struggle is with trying to figure out his future, thinking baseball is it and then dealing with the thought that maybe he wants something more.


I'm trying to think of any issues I had with the book but there really wasn't any.  Although it would have been great to see some more connection between Beth and Lacy, I felt like their friendship could be epic but it doesn't really get a chance to develop.


I really loved Beth and Ryan together and I really enjoyed reading their story.  It was intense and exciting, not once did my mind wander while reading it.  I highly recommend Dare You To (you could say I dare you to read it, ha ha, I know not funny..) I can't wait to read more of Katie McGarry's books!!

Stripped Review - 3.0 Stars

Stripped - Brooklyn Skye

Stripped is your run of the mill contemporary romance.  While it is somewhat predictable it was still an enjoyable, quick read.


The romance was what I would expect, while it wasn't epic by any means, it was sweet and hard won.  I really liked Quinn and I really liked Torrin.  I enjoyed riding along with them as they figured each other out and healed from their pasts.  Their relationship seems very realistic even if it happened fast, though I'm not okay with their admittance of love just a week into it. 


As far as the story goes, I enjoyed the idea.  It was hard to witness the breakdown of a person/family following a suicide not to mention the scandal that has rocked Quinn's family.  There are a few twists and turns that, while predictable, added excitement to the story. 


I really loved that it, I think (though there is a novella), is a standalone.  It's really nice to come across those from time to time.


If you're looking for a nice, no strings attached, fast read I suggest you pick up Stripped.