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Dare You To Review - 4 Stars

Dare You To - Katie McGarry

It took me FOREVER to read this book!! Life kept interrupting me!  But once I was able to sit down and get into the story I could not put the book down.  So many feels!


The story is told from the POVs of Beth and Ryan but it was very well done and I had absolutely no problem connecting with both of them (which is usually my big issue with multiple POVs).


They each have their own issues and neither of their families are perfect, the difference is that everyone thinks Ryan's family is perfect.  There are some intense situations brought up and I don't mean sexual tension (although there is that too). 


Beth's family is messed up.  Tangled up in drugs and abusive boyfriends Beth's mom is anything but motherly.  Beth's past has really made her tough and scared to trust, lucky for her Ryan comes along.  Ryan on the other hand is dealing with a family that is falling apart right before his eyes after his brother Mark let them know who he really is.  Ryan's main struggle is with trying to figure out his future, thinking baseball is it and then dealing with the thought that maybe he wants something more.


I'm trying to think of any issues I had with the book but there really wasn't any.  Although it would have been great to see some more connection between Beth and Lacy, I felt like their friendship could be epic but it doesn't really get a chance to develop.


I really loved Beth and Ryan together and I really enjoyed reading their story.  It was intense and exciting, not once did my mind wander while reading it.  I highly recommend Dare You To (you could say I dare you to read it, ha ha, I know not funny..) I can't wait to read more of Katie McGarry's books!!