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Stripped Review - 3.0 Stars

Stripped - Brooklyn Skye

Stripped is your run of the mill contemporary romance.  While it is somewhat predictable it was still an enjoyable, quick read.


The romance was what I would expect, while it wasn't epic by any means, it was sweet and hard won.  I really liked Quinn and I really liked Torrin.  I enjoyed riding along with them as they figured each other out and healed from their pasts.  Their relationship seems very realistic even if it happened fast, though I'm not okay with their admittance of love just a week into it. 


As far as the story goes, I enjoyed the idea.  It was hard to witness the breakdown of a person/family following a suicide not to mention the scandal that has rocked Quinn's family.  There are a few twists and turns that, while predictable, added excitement to the story. 


I really loved that it, I think (though there is a novella), is a standalone.  It's really nice to come across those from time to time.


If you're looking for a nice, no strings attached, fast read I suggest you pick up Stripped.