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My Life Next Door Review - 5 Stars

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick

I loved this book so,so,SO much! When I wasn't giggling like a maniac, I was swooning like a schoolgirl, and when I wasn't swooning I was dying of suspense. There was so much emotion and I grew so attached to the characters that I was seriously sad to read the ending, just because it meant the book was over.

I really wish the Garretts were a real life family and I wish I was a part of them. Being raised as the only kid in the house I grew up wondering what it would be like to have siblings and to be close withh them. The Garretts are how I imagine it would be like.

I had serious hate going for Samantha's mom and was easy to see why Sam would watch her neighbors and imagine what it would be like to be a part of them. Sam does a lot of growing in this book and by the end she seems like a completely new person.

Jace is the swoony boy next door. He is such an amazing guy, responsible, mature, looks out for his family... he's just AMAZING. He really helps Sam realize that she has a voice for herself. I hated that she hid her relationship with Sam for so long though. Their relationship is the beat kind...built on a foundation and taken slowly but yet at a decent enough pace for a summer romance. I couldn't get enough of their interactions.

The only thing I hope for now is maybe a companion book. I would love to know what happens with Nan, Tim, and the rest of the Garretts.

An excellent read that I will definitely be reading again...over and over!