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Review - 3.5 Stars

Storm Warning (Broken Heartland) - 'Caisey Quinn',  'Elizabeth Lee'

Ok so this book was the type of book where it has rave reviews and you think "This is going to be awesome!"  Then you start reading it and you're thinking "It's good but I don't get why people are obsessed with it."  Then you get to the last few chapters and are like "Hot damn I can't handle the suspense" but when you get to the last chapter you're all "Holy hell of cliffhangers" but wait the author gives you an epilogue, so of course you read it in hopes of answers but end up thinking "WTF, THAT was NOT an epilogue, it did NOTHING for my feels"  You walk away from the book feeling like it's a 4 when in reality the majority of the book ranked a 3 but the ending blew your mind and your hooked and will HAVE to read the next book to know what happens.


The writing was well done and the characters were decently developed.  The story is told from each person's view points and I found that my favorite characters were EJ, Hayden, and Coop. I'm torn between whose team I want to be on.  I really love Coop because he's the type of guy I find yummy but Hayden has some redeeming points too.  But back on point, since I preferred certain people I found myself skimming through Kyle and Cami's story, it seemed like most of the exciting stuff was happening with EJ so that could be why she's my favorite. 


It's mostly your run of the mill contemporary YA romance but the ending really took my breath away.  It was a quick read (I read it at work and had it finished by the end of my 8 hour day) and a fun one.