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Everneath - Brodi Ashton

I loved this book! I put off reading it for so long and I'm super mad at myself for it! 

At first I was completely confused thinking surely there was a book before this one but no the story just starts off after a century in the Everneath which turns out to be six months on the surface (Earth). Needless to say there is some catching up that has to take place and while that can be a slow process in this case it wasn't. I was instantly hooked from chapter one and couldn't stop until the end and now I'm counting down the days till the next installment shows up on my doorstep. Nikki is such a strong and selfless main character, I was dying for her to tell Jack EVERYTHING. While I normally don't like love triangles this one wasn't too bad because I could sense the substance between Jack and Nikki whereas with Cole it was obvious he's a slimeball who's suffering from puppy love. Team Jack all the way!! 

This was a super fast, suck you in, can't catch your breath read. I'm super anxious to start the next book!! Why couldn't I have predicted my love for this book and just buy the whole series?!