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The Deep End of the Sea - Heather Lyons

So I totally have a thing for Greek mythology but I really know nothing about it so any chance I get to read a book on it I snatch it up. 


The Deep End of the Sea is told from the POV of Medusa.  I know enough about the story of Medusa to know that this version of her story was a different take on it and I loved it.  I loved the idea of her not really being the monster everyone claimed her to be.  I especially loved her friendship/relationship with Hermes, he definitely became Medusa's knight in shining armor (as much as I love a girl who can kick ass I also love when a handsome man swoops in to save the day). The main group of characters that Medusa interacts with are fantastic and I really felt their love for each other.  It's the type of family group you want to be a part of.


Throughout the book I had constant feels ranging from sympathy to anger to giddyness.  And when I put the book down it was with a contented goofy grin.  It was excellently paced but there were a few grammar issues and for some reason my Nook edition had underlined text throughout the entire book but it wasn't bad enough to turn me off of it.  All in all I highly recommend it!