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Insanity Review - 3.5 Stars

Insanity - Lauren Hammond

My thoughts on this book are still a little jumbled. Insanity is a fast read with a storyline that makes it easy to keep readers guessing and turning the pages.  During the entire book I was dying to know what the truth was, we are given small clues to point us towards the truth but yet there were things that had me second guessing what I thought was reality.  It is really easy to connect with the main character and I instantly feel defensive of her when she has flashbacks involving her abusive dad.


As for romance, I really didn't get attached to Damien and Adelaide's relationship.  We never really get to see them interact or connect.  We just know that they love each other because Adelaide tells us so.  Also in the middle of the book it seems like the author decided she was going to make this for mature audiences and threw half a dozen sex scenes into the mix.  Now don't get me wrong, they weren't done in bad taste, I just felt by that point that it wasn't necessary for the story.  The book felt like it wasn't even going in that direction when BAM sex scenes, pretty much one after another.


There were a few instances where the plot didn't meet up correctly and there were quite a few grammatical issues, BUT my biggest problem with the book is that it is being stretched into a series.  I really feel like it would have been better for the author to make it a bigger book and finish the story off at the end, it just doesn't seem like series material.  Though I will probably read the next books because I am left curious about what Adelaide's true story is.


Overall I enjoyed Insanity but I am left with a LOT of questions.