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Darker Days Review - 2 Stars

Darker Days (The Darker Agency, #1) - Jus Accardo

Jus Accardo you have disappointed me!  


I LOVE the Denazen series so when I heard about this book I was sooo excited for another awesomely snarky female lead.  Unfortunately it fell flat.  Don't get me wrong it's an okay book but my expectations were so high going in that I can't get over my disappointment.  Jessie Darker was snarky but not in a good way and it was hard to get over her obvious lust/insta love for Lukas.  More than anything Jessie just flat out annoyed me.


I also had a hard time going along with the story.  At times it seemed like the story was moving unrealistically fast and other times it drug on.  There was plenty going on and a lot of unexpected realizations but I just wanted it to be so much more.  The ending was the only time I got really into the book but I still don't think I will read the next one.


My advice to you is if you are familiar with Accardo don't go in expecting anything, rather have an open mind so that maybe you will have a better chance of enjoying the book.