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**I received this as an eARC through Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. In no way does that influence the thoughts or opinions reflected. I did not get paid to post this review**


Words canNOT express how much I LOVED this book!! When I first saw it I thought "Oh that sounds like it might be good" so I requested it and then I was stoked to get the email saying APPROVED. Then I opened the book and right before chapter one there was this comic-esque drawing. Now based on that terminology I think it's obvious that I do not read comics so when that was the first thing I saw I was a little nervous. If you feel the same let me just say that it should NOT stop you from picking this book up as soon as you can and reading it! Also I know it says "Take a journey into the gritty world of political espionage.." which can seem like it might be a snooze but it's really not! It doesn't get horribly caught up in the political side, it explains just enough so you get the idea but without putting you to sleep.

Sasha is the MC and she is one fascinating chick. One thing I liked about her is that she was still very "teenager-ish" and unsure of herself even though she tried to play it off like she's this hard shell of a girl, it makes her relatable. We don't know her whole story but can tell she has had a hard time. Her gift/superpower is getting people to tell the truth which in turn makes people subconsciously nervous of her (since they don't know she's causing it) causing them to keep their distance. It definitely makes it hard for her to have normal connections with people. When the book starts off the only relationship she has is with her FBI Handler/Guardian Chelsea. They seem to make a really good pair but due to some mispoken truths during the beginning of their partnership Sasha doesn't completely trust Chelsea's reasons for being around. To the rest of us it's obvious that Chelsea loves Sasha and I spent most of the book yelling that fact at her. When Sasha is given an assignment by the CIA she is transferred and implanted with a family where she makes her first real friend in her new handler's daughter Vivi. I really loved the relationship between the two girls although Vivi can blurt out some really harsh things. Through Vivi, Sasha meets Sebastion, a very hunky exhibit of a man who causes my Sasha's heart to flutter.

The relationships are well made and the conflict going on inside of Sasha really has you feeling for her. Especially when the job and her new relationships start to conflict with each other. There is an element of suspense while Sasha is hunting down her "asset" and once we realize who it is there is a whole new sense of dread. The ending was one huge whirlwhind that I couldn't stop, even at the end. I'm having a definite book hangover from this one, I need to know what's happening!!

The story is very fast paced and easy to read. Relationships and interactions between the characters are well developed. Like I said you instantly feel for Sasha and want to be a part of her team, to let her know how awesome she is. I can't stress enough how much you need to read this book. Seriously!!!