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Flight takes place in a world polluted and unlivable due to radiation. Humans are living underground, or if they are made of money, in zones where the air is clean. Our MC is Piper Madden, she was born with a type of blood/gene that only Hunters have. Hunters are given the job to track down Harpies and kill them. Harpies are creatures who have evolved over the years and feed on humans.

The story starts off with the Prologue telling us that Piper and her love interest, Asher, are trapped in a burning room. We don't know what's going on other than they've been given something that will cause them to forget each other and they know it's happening. When chapter one begins it's clear that Piper has no memory of Asher, even when she runs into him on the street they have no memories of each other. The rest of the time we spend playing catch up with Piper as she's given one crazy revelation after another. Nothing is as it seems!

I have to admit the book started off a little confusing and slow for me but by halfway through I had found my groove and rolled right on through to the end. I had never read a book about Harpies so the idea was original to me and I thought Lindsay did a good job of developing them. The characters are well developed and their interactions come across as believable. Asher is smoking hot and has the whole bad boy exterior with a mushy sensitive center. You can feel the chemistry between him and Piper and it kills me that no one will leave them alone so they can be with each other!

Although I liked the book there was some stuff that bothered me. I didn't really know until the end of the book whether it was taking place in the present or in the past. At the end of the prologue Piper makes it seem like she's going to start telling us the story from the beginning (meaning before the fire and what led up to them being there) but as I continued reading there were things that made me think it was happening in the present. Then there was the whole fact that Piper knew she couldn't remember things from before her brothers death, but she NEVER questioned it! I mean we don't even realize that she doesn't remember anything until about halfway through the book. When she admits her lack of memory that's when things start to really roll and she starts to suspect something isn't right.

Overall though the book was a good read and I have high hopes for the second installment.