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Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles)

Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter I feel like I should give you some warning. So many people seem to be mad that this book wasn't what they were expecting. If you are expecting it to be some dark, twisted, grotesque form of Alice In Wonderland you will be disappointed. Expecting it to be such will just ruin it for you. In fact there aren't a ton of things that are even closely related to Alice in Wonderland aside from some subtle references. To really enjoy the book for what it is you should go into it with an open mind with no intentions of comparing it to the zombies you think you know and just enjoy the ride Gena Showalter takes you on.

Having said that let me say how much I seriously LOVE this book! It's about Alice who comes head to head with the reality of real life zombies (who doesn't love zombies?) after the tragic death of her family and how she learns to fight said zombies (total badass BTW). There are some definite teary eyed moments which you would expect when the book starts off with tragedy but there also laugh your head off experiences that totally make up for it (not that I minded crying). The book never leaves you feeling bored instead you're caught up in the action constantly wondering what we will discover next and wondering when Cole will realize he can't live without Alice?!

I love all of the characters in this book (except for the obvious bad guys) but Kat is my most favorite. She is actually my favorite best friend character that I have ever read! She's just so energetic and sassy, I need her in my life every day! I was saddened at a discovery we make about two thirds through the book and I really hope Gena comes up with a way to make it all okay in the next book. Lets just say I will be sad if something bad happens. (I know that was a very mysterious couple of sentences but I hate spoilers) Then there is Cole. Breath taking, blood pressure raising, swoon inducing Cole. He is constantly giving me the warm fuzzies while also making my blood boil. I think he is good for Alice though and I enjoy how easily she stands up to him, even if on the inside she just wants to give in, at least she puts on a good front. There are a few heated make out sessions but mostly there is a bunch of sexual tension between Cole and Alice. I love sexual tension. Through becoming friends with Kat and meeting Cole & company; Alice comes to terms with the death of her family and finds purpose in her life. And what would a book about zombies be without some zombie slaying? So yeah there is some of that too without it being horribly graphic and gross. Hot boys, good friends, zombie slayings? What more could you ask for?

The end of the book was a nice wrap up, not leaving you dying in suspense but at the same time subtly hinting at bad things to come. In just a couple of days the second installment to this series comes out and I'm so excited by that fact. I feel like I need to be bossy now and demand you go out and buy Alice in Zombieland. While you're at it go ahead and preorder Through The Zombie Glass. Trust me in this, you're going to want it.

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