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A Beautiful Dark

A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies
So normally I'm not in to love triangles. I just hate having to choose sides and I hate when I've chosen a side but the main character keeps going back and forth causing me to have anxiety attacks. Buuut I put that aside and read A Beautiful Dark anyways. Really the way it's set up I didn't feel too much like Skye was torn between the two. To me it seemed like she was obviously into Asher and was just at moments confused by Devin and his attitude. Of course that could also be because right now I am Team Asher, which actually surprised me because going into it I was for sure I would be Team Devin.

The story is well developed and moves along at a decent pace. I loved Skye's little group of friends; Cassie, Dan, and Ian. We can tell pretty much from the start that Cassie and Dan have some chemistry going on and I must admit that I feel a little badly for Ian; part of me wished Skye would of had more feelings for him. I was disappointed that Skye put her friendships and schooling on hold when Asher and Devin entered the picture, I hope that she realizes that's not the way to be in the next book.

There were plenty of moments where I found myself laughing and other times when I was desperately turning the pages to find out what would happen next, there was never a dull moment. I am eager to start the next book, lucky for me it's on my shelf right now! I highly recommend you check it out or buy it before reading the first one, otherwise you may die of anticipation.

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