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Blood Will Tell (Warriors of Ankh #1)

Blood Will Tell  - Samantha Young Where do I even begin?? This book was five shades of awesome! There was angst, there was hidden romantic tension, conflict, and action! It pretty much rocked my socks off. I was actually surprised it turned out so good because it cost under $2 for Kindle on Amazon (I originally tried looking for it on B&N but it wasn't there). I never have good luck finding good reads under $5, if you know of any let me know, so I was shocked when by the third chapter I was hooked. Also someone in a review I read said they got hung up on the overuse of "smirk"; as in "she smirked at him". The way they said it made it seem like the word appeared every other sentence. This worried me enough to almost keep me from reading it but either I'm not as picky as I thought or the book was so good that I could overlook it. Going off past experiences I would say it was the latter.

The characters are well developed and their interactions come off believable. It's written from the viewpoints of Eden and Noah, but more from Eden's POV. Noah is her dreamy sidekick/bff/possible love interest/TRAITOR. Since we get a chance to see things from his POV it was hard to be mad at him, for what he does to Eden, since I knew his reasonings but in walked Romany (his girlfriend) and bam instantly pissed at him. I really grew a hate for Eden's family too, the crap that they put her through and tried to force her to do is horrible and twisted. The relationship being forced on her by her father (He evidently promised Eden to her cousin Teagan who is just as sadistic as Eden's dad. Ew.) is disgusting, but then her father is psycho. Of course Eden won't take that laying down! This chick has a backbone for sure, I'm sure it helps that she has supernatural strength, but still. All around I love Eden, she's everything I love in a MC. Hard exterior but deep and feeling inside.

I really enjoyed the fact that at the end Eden could hold a grudge. So many female MCs give in and forgive their male counterparts without making them work for it. Now I do hope Eden and Noah get together so they will need to work it out but I'm ok with a little (a lot) groveling. The end of the book had my blood boiling and I was glad that the second book was easily accessible. It only took me 3 hours to read the book start to finish. I highly recommend it!!

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