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Blood Past (Warriors of Ankh #2)

Blood Past (Warriors of Ankh #2) - Samantha Young The second book in the Warriors of Ankh trilogy did NOT disappoint. There was tons of suspense, tense situations, and action scenes along with more sexual tension between Noah and Eden.

Eden is still struggling with the recent events that led up to her family's deaths and what that means for her future and her relationship with Noah. I'm really happy with the fact that her anger was not easily written off, that it stayed with her. It makes it more real. Eden develops new friendships when the Ankh's head to Scotland to train with the Neiths there and meet Eden's blood family. The relationships between Eden, October, Cameron, Valeria, and Noah have so much depth to them. I actually had the warm fuzzies reading it. Eden mentions at one point how she is sad at the thought of leaving Scotland, I actually felt sad at the thought of it too.

Turns out Teagan is still around and he has a plan for getting Eden back. Cosmina, the Bucharest Neith Councilwoman, who believes Eden is an abomination who shouldn't be allowed to live, hasn't given up on finding Eden either. I was constantly on edge wonder if Teagan or Cosmina would find Eden, especially when she started going out on patrols. No need to worry though, she is kick ass, she can protect herself.

Noah and Eden's relationship is intense. She is angry with him because he lied to her in the beginning, she finds it difficult to believe his reasons for it. He basically broke her heart, especially when she found out he was dating Romany the entire time. After talking to Cyrus and getting a new perspective from the Ankh side of things Eden is able to see why Noah did what he did and is able to trust him. It helps that he has broken up with Romany and has the definite hots for Eden. In turn this causes their relationship to flare. Such chemistry!

The end of the book was full of suspense. Eden is faced with a choice, a MAJOR choice. I was biting my nails wondering how it was going to turn out.

Between the action, suspense, and romance this book is full of reasons to keep the pages turning. Again I finished it in just a few hours and am eagerly moving on to the final book in the series.

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