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The Immortal Rules: Blood of Eden

The Immortal Rules  - Julie Kagawa More Reviews:
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I loved this book!! It was another great vampire book with your mostly scary vamps but some that have a non beating heart.

Our street rat MC Allie is left with two choices after being attacked by the rabids and stumbled upon by a vampire who goes by the name Kanin; die a quick death where he guarantees she won't come back as a rabid or allow him to turn her and live the rest of her immortal life as a monster. I liked that the choice of becoming a vampire wasn't sugar coated like "oh you get to live forever, it's so awesome!" Kanin always called it the life of a monster, even from the get go. But I also loved that Allie's reasoning behind wanting to become a vampire was the pure selfish desire to stay alive. I mean really most of us would do whatever we could to not die. We do see Allie struggle with the new life she leads and what she learns from Kanin. About a third of the way into the book Allie sets off on her own and learns how to take care of herself. While out in the wilderness she stumbles upon a band of humans who are working their way to a "promised land" free of vampires and the rabids. There are surprises along the way and the suspense of if the humans will discover Allie's secret was high.

The world building was well done. The character development was extensive although I feel there may still be secrets we don't know about. There is a hint of romance between Allie and Zeke (the second in command of the human group) I don't know how they will make it work but I look forward to reading more about them in the next book. I also look forward to finding out more about Kanin, I think he has a lot of secrets to tell.

Overall it was a fast paced, action packed, exciting read. One that I highly recommend!