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Being Sloane Jacobs

Being Sloane Jacobs - Lauren Morrill More Reviews:
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**I received this as an eARC through Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. In no way does that effect the thoughts and opinions expressed here. I did not get reimbursed for writing this review.**


Being Sloane Jacobs is basically the parent trap only the Sloane's don't share a parent. While the premise behind the book is not wholly original the author puts a sports twist on it making it into a new-ish idea, one that appealed to even a nonsports fan like myself.

I'm not big into hockey or ice skating (or any sport to be truthful), though I have been known to watch ice skating back in my younger years, so it was fun to read about what it's like to train for the sports the girls are involved in. The POVs switch between Sloane Emily and Sloane Devon which gives us a good glimpse into both characters thoughts, feelings, and interactions. Unfortunately I personally don't do well with multiple POVs so I really didn't feel that connected to the characters but I really think that's more a personal issue than an issue with the writing. In fact the characters are really well developed. Each Sloane has a family life they are looking to get away from which makes the idea of switching places that much more appealing to them.

There are bonding moments between the Sloane's and the people they meet on their adventure. Each Sloane ends up with a love interest, of course, but Sloane Devon's lover boy turns out to be from her past(which almost blows her cover). The relationships between the characters come across believable and natural and each person has their own quirks. My personal favorite was Andy (Sloane Devon's friend and figure skating partner) he has so much attitude!

There WAS one line that made me want to stop reading immediately. I actually rolled my eyes at it.

Sloane Emily describing Matt upon first meeting him:
He's got shaggy chestnut hair that, with some styling product and half an hour with a blow dryer, could be sculpted into a decent-looking Bieber.
-p.58 eARC

I literally said "SERIOUSLY!?" Out loud. Luckily it was more than a few pages in so I was already interested. I can say that there are no more mentions of said pop star.

Overall, Being Sloane Jacobs is a light hearted, fun and easy read. While the idea isn't original and is somewhat predictable the way it is executed makes it heartwarming and enjoyable.