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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee More Reviews:

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Hands down Angelfall is one of my favorite books of all time! The world Susan Ee creates is gritty and scary. She has come up with monster creations that are the things of nightmares.

Angels have taken over the world. Cities are destroyed and families are broken. It's a fight for survival both against the angels and the gangs that roam the abandoned city streets. Penryn is the MC, she is a strong female lead who is loyal to her family. When the book starts off she is attempting to move her small family, consisting of a wheelchair bound little sister and a schizophrenic mother, to a safer location than their apartment located in Silicon Valley, California. They don't make it far when they are forced to hide from a group of battling angels. Unfortunately they are noticed. While Penryn tries to distract the angels her mother runs off leaving her sister, Paige, defensless. Before Penryn can stop it from happening an angel swoopes in and snatches Paige before flying away. Penryn is left alone on the streets with a lone injured angel who we find out goes by Raffe. She forges a plan to get Raffe to take her to the Aerie so she can rescue her sister.

Throughout the book we get to see how tough Penryn really is and just how much the burden of taking care of her family lies on her shoulders. Although Raffe is with her I have no doubt that she could handle it on her own, though there are some situations where it was good that he was there. Plus he makes for yummy eye candy. Their relationahip starts out as being solely based on them needing something from the other but over time you can tell they like having the other around. What lies ahead for them on this journey is full of the unknown and what Penryn finds in the Aerie is nothing like what she expected.

Susan Ee does a great job of building relationships between her characters. The world she has created is truly terrifying, especially inside the Angel's camp. Angelfall is action packed and dripping with suspense topped with a touch of romance. I highly recommend it and cant wait to start World After!