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Untitled (Penryn & the End of Days, #2)

Untitled (Penryn & the End of Days, #2) - Susan Ee More Reviews:

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What to say? What to say? First I want to express my desire to have an angel by the name of Raffe show up on my doorstep! Second I want to reiterate my love for this book series!

World After starts up right where Angelfall ends. The truth is Penryn and Raffe spend most of the book apart which for me was very disappointing but only because I like it when he's around. We really get to see Penryn prove her worth, she and her family are put through quite a bit but Penryn remains strong proving she can take care of herself. We get more of a glimpse into the relationships between Penryn, her mom, and Paige. It becomes clear that they are her only weakness.

There is a lot of action, how can there not be when the characters are constantly running for their lives? But unfortunately it did have a middle book feel to it. At the end it seemed like nothing had been solved, which you kind of expect when starting a middle book. If things are solved then that would make it a final book and I'm not ready for this ride to end. I can't get enough of Penryn and Raffe, I hope to have more in the next book. I really hope Susan Ee can figure out a way for them to be together in the end. That would rock my socks off!