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The Almost Girl

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**I received this as an eARC through Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. In no way does that effect the thoughts and opinions expressed here. I did not get reimbursed in any way for writing this review.**


I feel like the summary of the book gives you a lot to work with in terms of what the book is about so I'm just going to give you my thoughts without the work up.

Riven is amazing. She is kick ass and tough and has a no emotional ties philosophy. She does pretty well with that even with Caden falling at her feet in insta-love worship. In fact when the romance does build between the two of them I accept it because Riven has made Caden work so hard for it. She has a lot going on and you can tell she's loyal to a fault. I definitely loved her from the get go.

Caden on the other hand...yes he was super adorable and an all around good guy EXCEPT for the fact that he is a cheater (which isn't even mentioned really) and that he is like a love sick puppy for no reason. He doesn't even really know Riven when he spouts off how he knows she can't be that bad and is totally interested in getting to know her. Other than those two things he is an okay love interest. But in comparison to Riven's badassery he seems pretty weak and I really don't like my guys to be weak although in hindsight it all kind of makes sense that he really had no chance in comparison to Riven.

The action and suspense throughout the book really kept me moving and I was constantly wondering if things were how Riven thought they were. The twist and turns totally took me by surprise. I will say I didn't get too emotionally attached. There were parts that could of had me bawling like a baby but didn't even produce a sniffle. Maybe it's because of Riven's cold demeanor. Since she refused to let things get her down maybe it helped me stay detached, not that not crying in a book is a bad thing.

The end almost left me with a sense of satisfaction. I was totally cool with where it was going but then it ended kind of open, which I suppose gives the author a chance to do a follow up book. But I really think this would have worked well as a stand alone if the author had added on just a few more chapters. Either way the book was a great read and if there is a second book I will most definitely read it!

Overall my thoughts on Almost Girl? A pretty awesome, parallel universe, action packed story.