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Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi I HATE love triangles. I HATE cliffhangers. I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES AND CLIFF HANGERS!!!!!

*Deeeeeep Breath*


Now that I have calmed myself let me just state that Unravel Me was sooo much more exciting, and intense, and suspenseful than Shatter Me. I literally did not want to put the book down! And let me just say I love angst. Seriously, it's a guilty pleasure of mine and the first third of Unravel Me was total angst, LOVED it! Don't worry you anti-angst people out there, eventually Juliette gets semi knocked out of her self pitying stupor and starts to embrace her gift. Remember how I was all kind of freaked out by Thereh Mafi's writing style in Shatter me? I am sooo over it! It totally grew on me, she describes things so deeply and elegantly, its almost poetic.

Unravel me gives us an insider's glimpse into Omega Point, the secret underground rebellion against The Reestablishement. We meet a few new characters and become more familiar with Adam, Kenji, and Warner. A little too familiar with Warner if you ask me. (Team Adam) Like I said during the first part of the book Juliette is pretty much *Wah, Wah! Poor Me! Everyone hates me because I'm evil* but Castle and Kenji get tired of that act real quick and give her a dose of reality, which allows her to focus on her gift to discover what she is really capable of. We also find out about Adam and his ability to touch or is it to not die by Juliette. This new development leads to the entry of a love triangle (hate it) and causes me to have several anxiety attacks. There are a couple of hostage situations along with some combat between Omega Point and The Reestablishment. By the end of the book you're sitting on the edge of your seat only to find out that Juliette changes her outlook on everything and nothing is going to be straightened out because THE END. Yup, Tahereh Mafi effectively pulls a cliff hanger leaving readers dying for more. I suggest that if you read Shatter Me you definitely follow up with Unravel Me, it is SO worth it!

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