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A Fractured Light (Beautiful Dark)

A Fractured Light - Jocelyn Davies ***Possible Spoilers If You Haven't Read A Beautiful Dark***

First off let me just say that I love the cover to A Fractured Light soo much more than A Beautiful Dark. I don't know what it is about it but it's just so dark and awesome!!

In the follow up to A Beautiful Dark we find that Skye has survived the attack from Devin. She wakes up in a remote cabin with Asher and an unknown rebel named Ardith. The details are vague on how she was healed but she is and she accepts it as it is. When they return home she has a lot of trust rebuilding to do since their story is she just disappeared with Asher without telling anyone where she was going. Skye does a lot of growing during this book. She harnesses her powers and by the end she has decided what side she will be on and what she will fight for. I must say I am happy with her decision, I was worried there for a while but she did good. It makes me really look forward to the next book to see how it all plays out.

Parts of this book really aggravated me, a big one being Skye's naive attitude about the people around her. Her Aunt Jo acts crazy weird and Skye notices it but never questions it. I mean with everything she's found out about herself and her parents you would think she would question why her aunt has such a strong hatred of Asher, an almost guardian like hatred!! The same goes for Ian, he's always so moody, but she never wonders why. She comes up with excuses for all sorts of things that are flimsy at best, I guess I expected her to be smarter than she was acting. Another big thing was of course the love triangle. It wasn't horribly bad in A Beautiful Dark so I guess I let my guard down and thought it would be the same in this book. Let's just say it amped up and had me yelling at Skye during nerve wracking moments about all the mistakes she was making.

Aside from a few personal issues I had with it, the book was overall good. There was a touch of suspense; wondering when things would go down between the rebels and guardians and what side Skye would take in the end. We learn some new things about Skye and her powers and the story of her parents but not a whole lot. I really don't know that there is a lot to find out about them, in a way I kind of hope there is some mystery surrounding them that we haven't yet found out. In my opinion it was a good middle book. There was enough going on to keep the reader interested but I feel like it was a lot of filler. Like if it had been in the final book the issues that made up the whole of A Fractured Light would have been wrapped up in just a couple of chapters. I do plan on reading the final book because I have a feeling there will be all sorts of craziness going down!

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