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Perfect Ruin (Internment Chronicles)

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Ms. DeStefano never fails to amaze me with her writing skills. Every book I have read by her is so wonderfully flowing and almost magical in just the writing itself. Perfect Ruin is no different. The world she creates and the way she describes it is artfully vivid.

The book takes place on a land in the sky, Internment. According to their history the reason for their "internment" in the sky is that the god of the ground decided to destroy them for their selfish ways but the sky god thought them too good to waste. He decided to save them by taking a chunk of earth, putting it in the sky, and promising the god of the ground that humans would never interfere with the ground again. Over the years Internments society evolved to the point they are at now; arranged marriages, assigned housing, and birthing queues. When there is a murder for the first time in our MC, Morgan's, lifetime it shakes the population and has a few of them doubting the truths of Internment and the sky god.

The idea for the book is well built and the characters are deeply developed. Destefano is great at making her characters feel like real people. Their thoughts and motives could easily be my thoughts and motives. Morgan has spent most of her life wondering about the ground and what lies down there. I liked that this curiosity was already a part of her. A lot of characters require something bad to happen in order for them to question their surroundings but its only human nature to want to know about places and things we are told not to question, the fact that Morgan does this makes her even more real to me.

The pacing for the book was really good yet I still found myself putting the book down and walking away. It wasn't until towards the end that I really started to get engrossed in the story and didn't want to put the book down, sadly that's when it ended. I have high hopes that the next book is where the real excitement will pick up. I'm looking forward to what Morgan's next adventure holds in store for her.

One of my favorite lines from the book is when Morgan interrupts her brother Lex while he is writing. I kind of laughed and wondered if the line stemmed from Lauren's personal experience:

"I needed to stop anyway," he says. "None of the pieces are right. Sometimes you have to ignore it until it decides to be reasonable again."